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Leading the fight for free markets, limited government and constitutional rights

Citizen Action Defense Fund is leading the fight to preserve free markets, ensure limited government, and defend individual constitutional rights by funding and pursuing strategic litigation. The law provides a powerful means to protect these essential principles. Through litigation, Citizen Action Defense Fund fights for the rule-of-law and government accountably to the people.

Founded during the COVID-19 state of emergency, Citizen Action Defense Fund understands our constitutional rights exist at all times and in all circumstances. We believe our rights are most critical during a state of emergency. While special emergency powers may sometimes be necessary, they cannot suspend our rights. The government cannot use special emergency powers to expand control, interfere with the free market, or limit our constitutional rights. 

Citizen Action Defense Fund’s mission to preserve the essential principles of our democracy. And I’m proud of the legal battles we’ve already won. Citizen Action Defense Fund’s first lawsuit – MacEwen v. Inslee – challenged the constitutionality of Governor Jay Inslee assuming unprecedented power and unilaterally shutting down most of the state. One of the first lawsuits in the nation initiated in federal court to challenge shutdown orders, the favorable resolution lead to essential revisions to the Governor’s orders. 

It’s these legal victories that validate the importance of fighting back. Since our first lawsuit, Citizen Action Defense Fund now fights in legal battles across Washington. We are more invigorated than ever to defend free markets, limited government and constitutional rights. With the future of all Washingtonians at stake, Citizen Action Defense Fund will not back down.

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